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Captivate consumers through the power of simplicity.
We will create anything you envision from logos to corporate websites.

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Website and application development demands professional precision.
Leave your code in our capable hands.

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Every business tells a story.
Broadcast yours from the web to the streets to reach your target market and expand your customer base.

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Your brand should deliver a consistent message wherever you are telling your tale.
Craft an identity that stays in sync across all platforms.

Ready to get your business discovered? Our team is here to help you with your project.  

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Solutions & Services

Online Solutions

1Website Design is a service we offer to help you launch or relaunch your existing or start-up company. 8 Circle Media can design or redesign your website on any platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or custom hand-coding to meet the demands of your vision. We breathe to create inspired sites to drive results and perform profoundly well for consumers visiting your online business who are looking to purchase the goods or services on display. We offer full support to ensure that you website design functions in every aspect… Read More

2Graphic Design is a service 8 Circle Media offers to design complete and breathtaking images, graphics, logos, designs, print advertisements, or any other media that require the use of custom made graphics and graphic displays. Our creative graphic designers will design and create the graphic design suitable for your marketing needs. Whether for mobile apps, websites, print ads, or any other media, 8 Circle Media can keep your viewers engaged with your advertisement through thoughtful graphic design matched with your initial vision or concept… Read More
1Mobile Apps: Use our services to help you design, develop and deliver the next new mobile app that will reach the palms of a mass audience built for any platform…Read More

2Desktop Websites: Our design services are best suited to create you the perfect website for your business, built and tested for all platforms and browsers…Read More

3Mobile Sites: 8 Circle Media can design, develop, build, test, and deliver a mobile site that is custom built to match your existing desktop website…Read More

4E-Commerce: With proper shopping cart integration for your online sales business, 8 Circle Media can implement the best E-commerce plan on your product-based site…Read More

5Web Maintenance: Fix all script errors, update graphics, perform file backups, manage site security, analyze traffic data, and fix link errors…Read More

1Social Media integration with your website and promotion for your business is essential in new online marketing to drive more traffic, fans, and followers… Read More

2Search Engine Marketing (SEM) enables your business to acquire more leads through strategic sponsored ad placement on search engine result pages… Read More

3Search Engine Optimization (SEO) earns your business organic leads through results beneath the sponsored ads on search engine result pages… Read More

4Local Organic Positioning (LOP) is the best and fastest way to push your business on local Google searches through high traffic classifieds… Read More

5SMS & Email Campaigns enable you to make use of your client database to target repeat consumers as well as clients with pre-exposed interest… Read More

6Video Campaigns engage your consumers visually with your business and help you rank higher on Google through YouTube platforms and other channels… Read More

1 Brand, Identity & Logo: 8 Circle Media Branding Experts will transform your image, whether you are a start-up or looking to rebrand your existing corporate identity, by offering several solutions to help your business gain its core identity and branding it to the public. We offer a free consultation to brainstorm and determine the emotional impact of your business, what your business is trying to accomplish as an image to the public, and how we can execute the best plan for your goals… Read More

2 Branding Solutions: Some of our solutions include stunning graphic and logo designs, still photography to offer you original corporate images that capture the emotional essence of your brand, in-house video production to create high quality company videos to promote your business and showcase your services, and public relations to engage the public at large through branded corporate communications.

8 Circle Media presents brands in the best possible light through social media channels, press releases, promotional brochures, and celebrity outreach. These efforts increase your visibility, which enhances your credibility with consumers… Read More

Support Services

creativedesign Home Page 1Our expert creative design team will adapt your message to suit any project or medium for offline graphic displays. We work on everything from logos to billboards, and everything in between, including product packaging, print ads, direct mailers, corporate white papers, research presentations, and banner displays. Here at 8 Circle Media we know the importance of eye-catching designs while retaining the value of your brand identity and delivering under strict deadlines for print shops and consumer expectations. We will prepare all images to be optimized for online use as an additional service… Read More
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Videos give marketers a chance to present products and services in a way that actually entertains the audience, which increases purchases as well as internet sales. Offline video marketing involves producing ads in our in-house video production facility for your use as a business owner, whether for your business websites, online media networks, including Youtube and Vimeo, and television commercials.

8 Circle Media’s video marketing solutions range from complete project management to editing of short segments, web serials, corporate promotional materials, business presentations, animations, music videos, and TV spots. We also manage post-production marketing and online video optimization as an additional service… Read More

still photography Home Page 1Professional quality images show customers that you take pride in your appearance. 8 Circle Media’s still photography solutions capture the essence of any subject.

Whether you are showcasing your products, profiling your staff members, or recording an important event, we produce images with mass appeal. Our photos will be perfect for your website, office or storefront, and promotional materials. Web-used images will include Google optimization for size and appearance at no additional charge… Read More

pr Home Page 1Public Relations connects brands to their audiences through marketing, B2B networking, and corporate communications. Properly executed public relations campaigns turn medium sized businesses into nationally recognized brands. 8 Circle Media’s PR department leverages online and offline strategies to generate buzz about your business. That energy solidifies established relationships and opens the door to new clientele.

PR is an excellent solution for companies looking to redefine their brand identities along with start-ups…Read More

8 Circle Media is a multicultural office with speakers of several languages around the world. 

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Recent Projects

From Mobile Apps to Online Marketing

8 Circle Media exists to bridge the gap between businesses and contemporary technology. Our goal is to constantly grow alongside our clients  


If the web is indeed a place, it is starting to look less like a library, and more like a river.
~ Peter Da Vanzo

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